Teen-Angst Eradicated!

“Gradually, as his soul was enriched with spiritual knowledge, he saw the whole world forming one vast symmetrical expression of God’s power and love. Life became a divine gift for every moment and sensation of which, were it even the sight of a single leaf hanging on the twig of a tree, his soul should praise and thank the Giver.”

James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (126)

This passage showcases a shift in tone from the previous three chapters. Here, Stephen seems to take on a more sophisticated language (for example: enriched, vast, life, divine) while describing his new found passion for life as a result of his strict religious schedule. I would argue that Stephen now seems himself as evolved and now separated from his past angst filled lifestyle where he fell victim to the influence of “sin”. Now, Stephen is focused on God and the life that God has created, shifting the focus from himself to the world around him.