Dr. Thingumtight

“‘ The law, Dr. Thingumtight, respects the rights of the minority, alive or dead.’ Some ass laughs, and old Biggs sticks his chest out and gets impressive.’ Gentlemen, this is no laughing matter. My client an upright and honourable gentleman – is being tried for his life for his life, gentlemen -and it is the business of the prosecution to show his guilt-if they can—without a shadow of doubt. Now, Dr. Thingumtight, I ask you again, can you solemnly swear, without the least shadow of doubt,-probable, possible shadow of doubt— that this unhappy woman met her death neither sooner nor later than Thursday evening? A probable opinion ? Gentlemen ,we are not Jesuits, we are straightforward Englishmen. You can not ask a British-born jury to convict any man on the authority of a probable opinion.’Hum of applause.”

-Sayers, Whose Body, p.36

Lord Peters is mocking the role of doctor’s evidence when it comes to present it to a jury. We also see here the mention of “the rights of the minority” and “straightforward Englishmen” by Lord Peter in a mocking way as a critic to the judicial system.